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⏰Last Day Promotion- Wall Mounted Wood Splitter-Kindling Splitter

⏰Last Day Promotion- Wall Mounted Wood Splitter-Kindling Splitter

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Safer Kindling Splitting - No Axe Needed!

Split wood effortlessly with our handy Kindling Splitter. No need for bending or swinging. Simply mount it on a wall, insert wood, and lower the steel wedge. Create an endless supply of kindling with ease!

Labor-saving Design

Our wood splitter features a lever-type design, making wood cutting effortless. Just lift the blade, place the wood on top, and pull down the blade. Unlike traditional firewood splitting tools, this splitter is more labor-saving and eliminates the need for auxiliary tools like axes. Enjoy a more efficient and hassle-free wood-splitting experience.

Powerful Cutting Ability

Our heavy-duty wood splitter is versatile and can handle different sizes of wood, making it suitable for all types of wood. The blade is crafted from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring sharpness and resistance to rust, allowing you to save more energy during use. Enjoy an efficient and effective wood-splitting process with our durable wood splitter.

Wide Range of Applications

Our wood splitter is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, easily fixable to the wall. Unlike larger wood splitters, it's highly portable, making it the perfect companion for camping, barbecues, outdoor dinners, and more. Enjoy its convenience as it becomes an invaluable cooking companion for various occasions!

High-Quality Materials

This kindling splitter is constructed from sturdy and durable carbon steel. The specially designed surface treatment effectively prevents deformation and rusting, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable tool. This splitter can withstand high pressure without bending or breaking, providing safety and durability for long-term use. Enjoy its efficiency and longevity as you split kindling effortlessly.

How to use it
Install your Kindling Splitter onto a solid wall or a sturdy post approximately 1.2m from the ground to top screws.
Please also take into the consideration the height of the person using the tool.
Safely pin
Remove the safety pin and keep it in a safe place.
Lower notches
Place the log on the one of the lower notches making sure it’s stable and press the blade into the wood. Do not try to cut a big chunk, start cutting from the corners.
Using the notches
Reposition the log on higher notches to help maintain enough leverage until full splitting.
When finished working with the tool place the safety pin back to minimise the risk of injury.
Soft and hard wood
Soft woods like pine or spruce are ideal for kindling as they ignite very quickly.
Kindling Splitter will split soft wood very easily and effortlessly but if you have hard wood logs like oak, walnut etc Kindling Splitter will still split these types of wood.
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